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Braids by Bee created Instantloc Dread Extensions

Braids By Bee™ 

Master of Dreadlock Repairs known as the Dreadlock Surgeon who perfoms Loc Hair Tranformations 

Starting Dreadlocks with Braids By Bee

Starting Dreadlocks the start of your natural Journey and not sure where to start? No worries, Bee can set things straight by giving you a quick initial consultation on which method is best for you. 

Repairs done on natural Locs well over due for maintenance and wanted thin Locs reinforced.

Repair Natural Dreadlocks to look the way you want them to look today.  Extend the short ones in front, fix the thin Locs and reattach Dreads that fell out which is what Bee offers at Braids By Bee and many more options, when she ask if you need any repairs.  Many clients don't know what Bee offers until she sees your natural dreads and will offer options of what can be done to enhance your dreadlocks to look its best.  Bee offers one on one consults and charges a fee this can be done in person, via text, email or FaceTime to offer consultation and recommendations of what can be done.  

Bee starts his dreadlock  journey with InstantLocs Dread Extensions,  although his hair is long his hair will take up to a year to dread up naturally so this is the closest the option to natural.

Best Loctician to start Dreads with any texture hair or length of hair Braids By Bee makes it happen. 

Braids by Bee starts Dreadlocks for clients from all around the world with all different types of hair textures.

InstantLoc Dread Extensions 

Braids by Bee reattaches natural dreadlocks to the clients natural hair with dread extensions method InstantLocs.

Natural Locs Reattached 

Braids By Bee services offered at her salon are trademark services.
InstantLoc Dreads Extensions Registered Trademark brand of Benite Corion dba Braids by Bee @ The Braiding Depot inc. This is all pictures taken by Benite and staff at Braids by Bee all work done on premises.  Some are Vip Service at photo shoots, travel for celebs or Vip Clients at there location in other state.  All are property of Benite Corion.  Anything on my site can be shared as long as you give Braids by Bee aka Benite Corion some credits. Thanks in advance for your views, shares, and likes.  Bee is known as the Best Loctician to start dreadlocks with Dread Extensions technique undetectable and best quality hair used. 

Starting Dreadlocks with Braids By Bee first steps Is to get a consultation done. 

Repair natural dreadlocks with Braids by Bee instantLoc Dread Extensions methods get consulted today
Start your Natural dreadlock Journey with Braids by Bee's Instantlocs

Starting Dreadlocks from scratch is different for everyone, we all have different hair type textures and different lengths and some have issues that can be resolved with the right method. 

Dreadlocks started with Brand New method invented by Hair Salon located in Florida, Braids by Bee invents InstantLoc Dread Extensions that are permanent once done.

Permanent Human Hair InstantLoc Dread Extensions™ 

InstantLoc Dread Extensions done in micro size sisterloc size permanently done by Braids by Bee
Braids by Bee starts sisterlocs with InstantLoc Dread Extensions™ method invented by Braids By Bee @ The Braiding Depot inc.

Starting your Dreadlock Journey with Braids By Bee™ method of permanent Dreadlock Extensions called InstantLoc Dread Extensions which can be done n any size or length including Sisterlocks size type of Locs can be created with combination of your hair and Braids By Bee branded hair is added to your to make it permanent. 

Sisterloc Instantloc Dread Extensions 

You can start your Journey with the length of your current hair status or go longer, some choose to watch it grow and it takes no time to grow.  Starting dreadlocks is a commitment and a journey to watch ones hair grow. 

Braids by Bee is well known as is the Best Loctician know to do repairs on natural dreadlocks.
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    I Wanted Dreads All My Life!!!
  • "I tried many many times before to start my locks and spent so much money to get them started. I had no luck till I found Braids By Bee Shop. Not only did she do a free consult..."
    Dreads on my complicated hair


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InstantLoc Dread Extensions invented by Braids by Bee @ The Braiding Depot inc  logo for services

Bee is Known To start Dreads with Permed Hair and allow your hair to grow in natural with your Look growing with you and you went thru no ugly stages or didn't have to cut your hair to start your journey.  

Braids by Bee starts dreadlocks for kids with damage hair with InstantLoc Dread Extensions technique invented by Braids by Bee.
Braids by Bee starts and maintain all texture dreadlocks with her InstantLoc Dread Extensions reinforcement technique.

Bee is Known as The Best Loctician to Start Dreads with any texture hair, any nationality, any hair issue Bee can Loc you In. 

Start your Dreads with Dread Extensions now with Braids By Bee.

Starting your Dreadlock Journey with the Best Loctician to Start Dreads with many options to choose from.

Goddess Locs done by Bee at Braids by Bee
Braids by Bee repairs natural dreadlocks with filling in areas missing dreads with InstantLoc Dread Extensions