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Braids by Bee created Instantloc Dread Extensions

Braids By Bee™ 

Master of Dreadlock Repairs known as the Dreadlock Surgeon who perfoms Loc Hair Tranformations 

InstantLoc Dread Extensions™ GA, CA, NV, VA, NY

InstantLoc Dread Extensions™ by BraidsbyBee™ 

InstantLocs Dread Extensions™ are Permanent Solutions invented by BraidsbyBee™ and is Her Registered Trademark used, for what The technique of starting Dreadlocks and is invented by Benite Corion naming her starterlocs or Repairing of Dreads called  "InstantLocs" .
This technique can be to repair someone Locs that started there journey but just doesn't look quite as they expected so they need some help with a little add-on here and there or change there mind in waiting for time it will take up for your hair to Loc up so you decide to do it the InstantLoc way.  Which is Bee's brand and technique only;  Anyone else posing to do InstantLocs is not there technique it's Bee's Registered Trademark of types of Services offered at her Salon in South Florida called
" Braids By Bee @ The Braiding Depot Inc." 

  You go thru no ugly stages, no coming back every 2 weeks for upkeep, before your hair fully locs in, you won't hear that from Bee if you choose to do InstantLocs™ also known as Dread loc Extensions.  This term is used but no one knows what it means some call it Dread Extensions, I call it InstantLoc Dread Extensions, and some call it Faux Dreads or Faux Locs.  Every Stylist that creates there styles have there own terms or names for the services they do.  Many states and countries have different terms for many styles which is why we ask you to send us photos of what you want done.    We have created ways to give you instant locs. No more having to wait till  your natural hair grows.  No more worries if you have hair loss, or dreads that have fallen out in areas that are noticable.  No more having to wait for perm to grow out.  Many options for Hair loss you just have to search and find the person who can help you with your specif problem.  No more waiting to cut off the perm ends.  Simply keep your hair and let me wrap it.  A permanent look that saves your hair and allows you to have the look you are looking for in one day.  I promise you, once you have the instant dreads installed, you will be very happy you made this as your choice to start your locks from scratch or to use this option to fix your current locks.  Don't cut them off or feel you have to start over, Bee has many solutions for you at 
Braids by Bee @ The Braiding Depot Inc. ™

The first thing most men say to me "Fake Hair" and I say no reinforcment is what I call it.  Back in the days (I have been growing dreads for 20 years +) we use to use string thread and needle close to the color of the locks and wrap string around unrulely dreads.  Dreads that were complicated to lock up this use to be the solution, now Bee found the perfect solution perfect human hair to match your hair that is close to the texture of your hair and isn't not noticeable like the string use to be.  When I sample this on all my clients who come in my shop unsure, they quickly decide to go with my method. Why  because as I show you its the best option.  Thru out the years with clients coming for Dreadlock Retwist maintenance and asking can you fix this situation is how my services became broad.  The more they ask the more Bee looked for solutions that was good enough for the clients.  Going thru trials and error in starting to help customers with issues more solutions became available to Bee.  Bee figured out solutions that no others ever suggested to clients who has been going to there stylist for years.  With no fault to the stylist,  Bee too could have stayed stuck and not help with trying to find a solution and just sayin to client "sorry this is how your hair is".  Bee was determine to find solutions clients trusted her thru the years to sample solutions before exposing it to the public.  Bee has been finding solutions for over 25 years to the point of knowing how to create a whole head of dreads on someone who has just 1-2 inches of hair growth.   Bee is an Expert in her expertise of Dreadlocks, Have Mastered Her craft that has  clients coming back for years for reinforcements for natural dread fixes, and all are supportive of my methods.  I introduce many options that 99% clients that sees me had lost hope for there growing natural dreads that wear and tear throughout the years.  They were ready to cut it off.  Well at BraidsbyBee aka DreadsbyBee I will introduce options that will fill in any area that is missing dreads.  Will enhance the look of your dreads tremendously by offering what we can do at The Braiding Depot Inc. .  Bee has growing hands and promotes long hair.  It will grow if you let it.  It first starts with finding someone who truly cares about the growth of your hair to care for your hair. Then letting us do our job.  At BraidsbyBee I appreciate loyalty and give in return excellent services that will endure and restore your hair to what it can be. 

This is a sample of InstantLoc Dread Extensons, no matter what texture hair you have, weather your nationality is Haitian, Hispanic, White, Black, Chinese, Italian, Jamaican, Trinadadian, any nationality we don't care we can do it the way you want it with the technique of Instant Locks as your Starter Locs to not only speed up process but allows you to grow in dreadlocks neatly and with your own hair and a little hair added on as a protective style to keep them Locs combined till locs in. naturally.  However no rubber bands used, no glue used, no Strings or yarn used to create your Locs.  Instead Bee found the perfect combination find out more with getting consultation and find out your options for your hair texture and length today.  Bee starts journeys every day at her salon "Braids By Bee".  

Instant Dread Extensions 

Start Dreadlocks with Instant Dread Extensions called InstantLocs™

Before And After Dreadlock Repairs 

Braids By Bee™

InstantLoc Dread Extensions done in Sisterlocks size permanent Hair Styles 

Instantly start dreadlocks with any texture hair with Braids By Bee™ InstantLoc Dread Extensions 

Repair Natural Dreadlocks with reinforcing Dreads from scratch. 

Reinforce Dreadlocks with Instantlocs Dread Extensions method at Braids By Bee™

Locs Repaired with
 InstantLoc Dread Extensions 

Braids By Bee is known to repair Dreadlocks with common issues from na who have been growing hair for years has many hair damages and needs some surgery and Instant Dread Extensions made by Braids By Bee is used to repair and create solutions for client who need custom made hair units Braids by Bee calls a Loc Bridge and sometimes require doing Hair transplants and Hair transformations to repair whole head of Dreadlocks clients who has years of damages. Braids By Bee when repairing your dreadlocks becomes a surgeon and creates Hair Transplant solutions like no other has an eye for helping others with their current issues.  Braids By Bee doesn't just create she is a problem solver for those who are looking for solutions.  

InstantLoc Dread Extensions™

Instant Dread Extensions™ aka InstantLocs by Bee 

Reinforce Natural Locs 

Bee Instantloc Dread Extensions done in variety of colors done to keep n permanent

Instant Dread Extensions

Instantloc Dread Extensions started on natural long hair to start dreadlock journey.

InstantLoc Dread Extensions

Videos of Braids By Bee gifted hands in action.

Instantloc dread Extensions can be done in multiple colors .
Instantloc Dread Extensions  done by Bee at Braids by Bee
Instantloc Dread Extensions started his hair 6 years ago comes in once every 6 months for maint.
Braids by Bee first known to successfully reattach dreadlocks permanently
Braids By Bee is first known to start dreadlocks in micro size sisterlocs in dread extensions