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Braids by Bee created Instantloc Dread Extensions

Braids By Bee @ The Braiding Depot Inc.

Master of Dreadlock Repairs known as the Dreadlock Surgeon who perfoms Loc Hair Tranformations 

Repairing Your Natural Dreadlocks with 
Braids by Bee™
 InstantLoc Dread Extensions Technique 

Did you start your dreads venture, and have reach many complications, such as lost of locks, balding areas, or some simply fell out.  Well Bee has the remedy for you. We at Braids by Bee @The Braiding Depot Inc. has created many ways to recreate the look you are looking for.  Weather you are just starting from scratch or you have dreads but they are many issues that you think you may want to cut them off.  Before you do so, check out some of my photos, read some of these testimonies from so many that travel from other states and local clients of ours experience.  We love making you look good and feel secure about your hair.  Its up to us to fix the problem we are the Professionals. Over 20 years of experience.  No problems has come to us that we could not solve. We cater to helping you with your troubled hair. Take time to set up a Free consultation with us so we can suggest what is the best option for you and your natural lock venture.     We do consultation appointments two ways.  Either via text by sending 3 photos of your hair, and situation.  You can also email @ Braidsbybee@aol.com or text to 954-297-5466.  The other way is to come in person for a scheduled appointment 15-30 minute initial consultation visit and we give you your options.  On day of consultation and to confirm any appointments a deposit is made for your appointment for purchase of hair that will be used for the style you request.  Hair can be paid for online @ website www.hairextensionsbybee.com, on this site on webstore link, or in person when visiting on your consultation visit.  Some cases I can send you out an invoice so payments can be made, however this must be done 3-4 days before your scheduled appointment. 


Client here needed a bridge and edges to be reinforced to give strength to all Locs.  Her dreads in the back was a few multiple dreads that was relocated to front area where was mostly needed.  InstantLoc Dread Extensions was added to bridge area in the middle crown area where was mostly needed.  Bridge has to be tighten up every 3 months as your new growth grows out.  

Client here has Long Natural Locs however hair has fallen out in the middle crown area and edges.  Client had some dreads that can be reposition and reattached where Dreads were mostly needed.  Client didn't need a bridge because he had new growth and had hair that can be grasp in balding area that can start individual dreads.  He had extra dreads that was carried from home that was saved through the years that was able to be reattached.  Areas that needed to be filled in was filled in with InstantLoc Dread Extensions and all his Natural Locs was reinforced in the roots.  

InstantLoc Dread Extensions was used to fill in the client balding area in middle of crown area.  This issue is common for those who naturally had long and healthy hair when younger but as you grow older your hair does not grow the same way.  This causes your Locs to become heavy and the thin roots can no longer carry the weight of your natural dreadlocks.  Some add two dreads together making the weight on the individual dreadlock even heavier.  Your Locs need stop be reinforced every 2-3 times a year.  For this client a bride was needed.  A bridge was added and InstantLoc Dread Extensions with human hair was added to bridge to fill in crown area. We then repaired and reinforced all roots to dreadlocks. 

Sisterloc InstantLoc Dread Extensions™

Sometimes being natural and going natural can go all wrong, with intentions on starting out dreads and it doesn't just happen, this young client of mine was going thru a transition and needed a makeover on her natural hair.  Bee started sisterloc Instantloc Dread Extensions to start her jourmey the correct way. Parting her hair in square masonry parts.