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Braids By Bee @ The Braiding Depot Inc.


Braids by Bee caters to those starting dreads with Extensions.
Braids by bee is known to cover balding areas with creating a bridge to cover area with Instantlocs.

Do you have a balding Area and you grow natural dreadlocks and need a solution?  

Have you ever thought of repairing or regrowing your bald area? 

Did you know Bee offers So many types of Repairs for Natural dreadlocks? 

Braids by Bee known fo the best techniques of reattaching natural dreadlocks.

Did You Cut Your Locs off and you want them back?  

Do you miss your Dreadlocks?  

Ever thought of someone knowing how to Re-Attach your Dreadlocks and give you your Look that you miss instantly in one day? 

Well Look no further this is what Bee's Terminology means she invented the best way to reattach your natural dreadlocks with her combination of Instantloc Dread extensions technique combined she will have you back brand new.  

Instantlocs used to repair his locs as well as cover balding areas.

Ever Thought of finding a solution to make your Dreads Look Better? 

Ever knew there was someone out there that had solutions for your problem? 

Do you want your dreads to look neater and fuller but your hair is not growing in the areas you need it to grow? 

Did You know Braids By Bee aka Bee™ has been doing repairs on Natural Dreadlocks for over 25 years and still counting today?  

Did you know your not the only person with the same issue Bee has thousands of customers who comes in from all around the world to fix there issues? 

Braids by Bee extends natural dreadlocks length with Instnatloc Dread extensions technique
Braids by Bee starts dreads naturally with her InstantLoc Dread extensions technique on 1" hair
Braids by Bee repairs natural dreadlocks on Caucasian hair.
Braids by Bee will start dreadlocks on any texture hair with her new techniques at Braids by Bee
Braids by Bee starts dreadlocks on Hispanic hair texture with InstantLoc Dread Extensions.

6 years ago my client started his Instantlocs™ at Braids by Bee @ The Braiding Depot Inc.™ and he still has them to this day. I uploaded the most recent picture of him below.  He has cut them 2 times since he has them.  He continues to get them maintained once a month.  And He loves his Dreadlocks that has grown naturally with the help of my method.  For his job as a Fireman and a Artist at night he gets to live his dream and have his hair the way he wants it all the time, thanks to DreadsbyBee™

instantloc dread extensions
Braids by Bee is known as the Dread Doctor.

Bee is known to diagnose any dreadlock issues you may have.  There is a charge for a consultation for recommendations on what can be done.  Book now.....

Braids by Bee official logo for instantloc dreads
Braids by Bee caters to natural dreadlocks will wash, condition, color and retwist roots and style as desired.
Dread Extensions at Braids by Bee is called InstantLocs or Virgin Locs

Videos From Braids By Bee Youtube Channels 

Natural Locs protective style called wrapping your natural locs to reinforce heaviness after years of growth
Natural Loc journey started with InstantLoc Dread Extensions technique.
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Instantloc Dread Extensions method combined with reattaching natural dreadlocks.

These InstantLocs done by Bee was a reattachment and my intantloc technique combined to give her back her original look. 

InstantLoc Dread Extensions is another way to start natural dreadlocks and keep them up neatly at Braids by Bee™
Braids by uBee caters to repair natural dreadlocks to its best outcome

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Braids by Bee does Dreadlock Extensions on straight combination of grey strands hair.
Braids by Bee styles locs when done maintaining roots
Braids by Bee repairs and gives clients InstantLoc Dread Extensions