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Braids by Bee created Instantloc Dread Extensions

Braids By Bee™ 

Master of Dreadlock Repairs known as the Dreadlock Surgeon who perfoms Loc Hair Tranformations 

Dreadlocks Installation

InstantLoc Dread Extensions

 is a method used to create dreads from scratch or enhance dreads that needs to be recontructed or reinforced.  In some occassions this is how dread extensions can be used:


  •  To Fix Broken dreads that fell out through wear and tear.
  •  To Repair areas that shows no evidence of growth and start dreads naturally in that area or find a solution to fill in that area with our methods. 
  •  To Give you the look you are going for today instead of waiting for ages and bypass the ugly stages of growing natural dreads.
  •  To Start Dreads from scratch with any texture hair by us wrapping your real hair and create dreads instantly forever.
  •  To go natural and not have to cut off permed hair to start dreads, you get to keep your length and start dreads right away instead of starting really short.
  •  For caucausion hair or very straight texture hair this is the fastest way for you to get your dreads because we securly wrap your hair and keep your hair together till it locks while we mantain it.
  •  Have a balding area or hair (dreads) fallen out in a paticular area we can create a bridge to create more dreads in that area to give you body and fullness to  your hair.
  •  We use this Dread Extensions method to re-attach cut off dreads for anyone who wants to re-attach there old locks.
  •  If you already started locks however they need to be reinforced cause roots are thin, and locks are heavy we use this hair to reinforce roots to secure your dreads for another few more years. 
  • If you want more length or need to even out your dreads we can reconstruct your dreads by adding the hair where is neccessary to make it look perfect.
  •  Dread Extensions also known as Bee Instant dreadlocks was created to give you the instant look of dreads and you can have it any length, size, or color your want it making it where you no longer have to go thru the ugly stages of growing dreads. 


Many Clients don't have an idea of what Bee mean by saying Dread Extensions or some call it Instant Locks, this is why I have made it my business to create this site to expose what we do @ Braids by Bee @ The Braiding Depot Inc.  I worked in local Barber Shops for over 10 years and had to work in them to show my skills to the the majority of Men that have issues with dreads, it made me not only want to help them, but make them look better in any way I can.  And many times takes years off your age by repairing your hair. Often many would ask what is that I'm doing, Naturally God  Yahweh gave me a talent, to see a need and see how to fix it.  When it comes to hair, If I can't help,  I won't touch your hair.  Dreads I been growing naturally for over 22 years, not on my own hair, on clients, friends, and family.  I have a passion for growing and giving you the look you are seeking for.  Starting dreads with the most complicated hair textures such as caucasion hair, many would get discourage and give up and cut off there hair.  To wait 2-3 years to start over and try the process again, however often giving up because it is very difficult to do Dreads with straight or curly texture hair.  Well years ago I went thru every avenue there was such as wax, aloe plants, shea butter, twist and lock gels, and even using string and needle to wrap around unruley dreads. I don't just have a passion to find solutions to help you, I also have a passion that naturally grows your hair.  They call this Growing hands.  For this reason, I only work with one other stylist which I call my Assistant but she is just as good as me.  Her name is Tashi.  Because of the passion we have for what we do, We have naturally gifted growing hands.  If you come to us to cater to your hair you are in GREAT hands. Some woman simply don't care for there natural hair and Some Simply DO.  Well now years later just like technology has evolved so has Hairstyles and solutions to problematic hair.   Every natural hair can be grown back and cared for properly if you just start loving it and caring for it.  Sometimes we don't give something a chance to work, woman can lose patience watching there hair to change but really if you don't take the time to do it, Come to us to do it.  We can teach you ways on how to maintain and keep up your hair from breaking and we only promote hair growth.   


    We offer one on one consultations to offer you options on how to start dreadlocks. Most of the time most people think they have to start there locks with there natural hair, cut off permed hair, and wait for 2-3 months for hair to dread. What we do is create ways to give you instant locks with the hair you already have. Some people are either going natural, or wants dreads but don't want to to wait for the time it would take naturally. Well what we call Instant Locks is Human hair wrapped around your hair that is sectioned in parts to create dreads instantly. We use a particular brand of hair and don't use synthetic hair only human hair used to start your dreads. We also fix natural locks that are thinning, or have fallen out, we fix balding areas by creating a bridge to add more locks to give hair more coverage. I love to create the look people are looking for an can accomplish it, however how i accomplish it is different from many others. I appreciate seeing my clients acquiring the look they are looking for, watching there hair grow so fast they don't no how to keep it up. We also do techniques to end the hair with no signs of ending. We don't burn ends we don't use any glue. Well this site is cater to Dreads, starting them naturally and with extensions is my specialty. w

Fixing your problems with your current dreads is what we also specialize in. We created techinques that can only be offered to you if you take the next step and make an appointment to come see Bee also known as the Dread Doctor. We will maintain your natural dreads and tell you where is needs attentions if we notice anything that we can do to enhance your dreads we will offer it. We find that many of our clients those who comes the first time loves the fact that we point out all errors in there locks and we advise what should be done. Many clients say that never been told of these methods before and they have had there dreads for over 10 years. Find the specialist to help out your dreads, don't cut them off until you have found a solution that can be repaired if you come to Braids by Bee @ The Braiding Depot Inc

Braids by Bee braids and styles hair after maintaining
Dreadlocks repaired hair LocBridge hair units are created for clients with bald spot for coverage with dreadlocks
Dreadlocks installed by Braids By Bee in one day with her techniques of InstantLoc Dread Extensions
Dreadlocks installed by Braids By Bee in one day with her techniques of InstantLoc Dread Extensions
Dreadlocks installed by Braids By Bee in one day with her techniques of InstantLoc Dread Extensions
Braids By bee is known to create styles that are unseen and have methods that she created her own to repair natural dreadlocks.

Instantloc Dread Extensions started on Permed hair 

Braids by Bee invented InstantLoc Dread Extensions that are permanenet once done.
Start clients dreadlock journey with her natural hair adding instantLoc Dread Extensions to create permanent dreadlocks.
Sisterloc InstantLoc Dread Extensions invented by Braids by Bee
Braids by Bee starts dreadlocks
InstantLoc Dread Extensions done on Caucasian Hair texture.

Braids By Bee™ invented Instantloc Dread Extensions which can be used to start dreads on any texture hair.  Not to mention add length and width to your Locs with this special technique only done at Braids By Bee™ .  Dreadlocks Installation will take one day sometimes two depending on what size and length you decide to start your dreadlock journey with.  

Braids by Bee creates custom style braid with natural long dreadlocks.
Braids by Bee starts sisterlocs with her InstantLoc Dread Extensions that are permeant once done.

Braids by Bee starts Sisterloc with her Instantloc Dreadlocks Extensions™ technique created and invented by Bee who masters starting dreads and repairing dreadlocks with her brand of own human hair.  Dreadlocks installation are for clients that needs hair transplants locs relocated to another area in head more needed.  

Braids By Bee can start dreads with extensions called InstantLoc Dread Extensions can be done with any color and on any hair texture.

Start Sisterlocs Dreads with Bee's InstantLoc Dread Extensions in micro size.These are permanent once done, Bee teaches how to grow out hair and continue to process of growing your sisterlocs.   

Braids by Bee starts dreads on Natural curly hair with InstantLoc Dread Extensons technique .

Braids By Bee starts dreadlocks for all texture hairs with Her InstantLoc Dread Extensions as a way to start dreads today and skip ugly stages and works great for complicated textures of hair that are complicated to Lock up.  

Start Dreadlocks with Dreadlock Etensions technique done by Braids by Bee

Dreadlocks Started with InstantLoc Dread Extensions was a method started by Braids by Bee since 25 years ago.  Bee started repairing natural dreadlocks and then came up with InstantLoc Dread Extensions which can be used to start dreads on any hair texture.  Dreadlocks Installation is planned out after a consultation with client picking out there options first then booking for an appointment to start your Loc journey. 

Braids by Bee reattaches dreadlocks with instantloc dread extensions technique combined.

Bee offers all types of Services to accomplish the look your looking for.  Braids by Bee reattaches natural Locs and gives you your look right back.  Just ask, and you will get your wish with Braids By Bee the Expert in making things happen.  

Braids by Bee starts dreadlocks on natural unruly hair that can be fixed with InstantLoc Dread Extensions.

Bee Starts Sisterloc Dreads with natural hair that was starting to loc up on its own,  Bee came in and cleaned it up with her InstantLoc Dread Extensions technique invented by Her.  Dreadlocks Installation like this took about 10 hours with two of us working on client which in total is 20hrs of work.  

Braids By Bee started doing hair 30 years ago and now owns her own Salon all services are Trademark and Registered with the USPTO

Braids By Bee is known to get a lot of calls, a lot of emails and many social media messages, sometimes takes time to get to so many request.  Bee apologizes in advance and hope I can get to all the request at same time; but also have to put in the work that I promise that is done with my own hands.  Everyone situation is sensitive and sometimes requires me to do research looking for pictures and have to look up schedule to answer some of your questions.  Apologize if I miss you during time of your stay in South Florida, however if coming from out of town quickest way to get to me is by Texting me and I will eventually get to it when not busy with clients.  Its ok to consistently send me reminders to please check out your email or your messages and Bee will be reminded and will take a look at it.  WE try to get to everyone but sometimes its over whelming all work done on this site is done by Bee and all replies are by Bee personally or her assistant which is Her Daughter on the weekends I get help during week day its very busy.  Thanks for reading this note.  

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