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Braids by Bee created Instantloc Dread Extensions

Braids By Bee™ 

Master of Dreadlock Repairs known as the Dreadlock Surgeon who perfoms Loc Hair Tranformations 


Quotes Bee and Tisha are both extremely professional. They know their stuff and have the skills to back it up. I have dreadloc extensions and they have been maintaining my hair for me for about 3 months now and I've seen so much growth. My hair is getting longer and healthier thanks to these two wonderful ladies. I live all the way in Fort Myers and don't mind making the drive because I'd rather trust my hair care in their hands than just anyone. Quotes
Dreadloc Extensions

Quotes Thank you so much for starting my dreadlocks, no one was able to make my hair lock until you started doing my hair. I thank you so much, without your patiance and your maintance of my hair i would have gave up. Thanks for bearing with my hair, i was not sure if i should continue after so much failed attempts to start dreadlocks but thanks to you I now have My dreads and they are growing so healthy looking. I will always come to you no matter how far i am. Thanks again B, great job. Love my Locks. Jay Quotes
No one was able to start my dreads until I came to you

Quotes Thanks Bee for holding down my locks. I couldn't find anyone i can depend on until i found you. Thanks so much for taking your business seriously. I will be coming to you for my locks for life! Thanks Tony Quotes
Thanks for always being reliable

Quotes I would like to thank you Bee, for finally giving me long beutiful locks. I have attempted to grow dreads for years however it would not lock, cause I'm a white boy and my hair was too straight. Well, I found you on youtube, and saw your methods. I couldn't wait for you to help me with my hair. I had Dread extensions done, and I don't know why I didn't find you long time ago. I am so happy with my Dreadlocks now, Not only do they look better but they are long just like I want it. I am so confortable with them. Thanks for finally helping me with my hair. I will continue to come to you and refer you to anyone who ask me about my hair. Your da best Bee, continue to do you! Your an expert at this stuff! Really!! Eric Quotes
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Quotes Till I found you, I thought it was never possible to have my own dreadlocks, I've tried every method, and all types of wax, aloe and etc. When I met you, you gave me several options, I have been happy since. I am glad I started my locks with you, I have been complimented on my Dreadlock extensions everywhere I go. Thanks Bee for understanding my type of hair and issues and finding the right solution to get my hair exactly how I wanted it. John Quotes
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Quotes Cant wait to get my dreads done here! Quotes
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Quotes The braiding depo is the best,I always experience a warm and professional welcome each time ,bee has been doing my hair for over 10 years and her service surpasses all the best,not only her service is good but she keeps herself and her staff informed with the latest in hair products and styles,trust me I am a very picky person but I am so glad to have bee and the braiding depo,go and experience for yourself Quotes
Happy Client
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