Fix Your Natural Long Dreadlocks Fix Your Natural Long Dreadlocks 194201597 Before Bee starts repairs on Natural Locks Bee takes photos of before and afters for clients like you can view that although you are natural we all need some TLC for our dreads. 194201598 Before Bee does Dread Maint. 194201599 194201600 194201601 194201602 194201603 Uneven Natural Dreads 194201604 194201607 194201608 194201609 Bee Cuts Dreads to make even. Bee cuts dreads to make even, Bee will use these same dreads to reinforce in other areas that are needed. Bee leaves two long dreads one on each side to give client support dreads to tie into a ponytail with her own dreads. 194201610 Bee shows examples after Dreadlock Hair cut Dreads are cut even and left two longer on purpose for this particular look that client wears daily. 194201611 194201612 Bee wash natural locks till fresh fully clean 194201613 194201614 194201615 194201616 194201617 194201618 194201619 194201620 194201621 Bee repair a few locks, add dreads where needed. Dreads have been enhanced. You can't tell in areas that was reinforced due to bee special techniques or re-attaching dreadlocks. 194201622 194201623 199638122 199638123