Instant Dread Extensions On Caucasian Client Short Hair Instant Dread Extensions On Caucasian Client Short Hair Before Dreads Added This was client hair Client has straight White Hair and has about 2-3 inches long. He wanted shoulder length Dread Extensions added. This was before we started. 194195690 Client in process of installing Dread Extensions This is permanent done with highest quality of human hair and we match your hair exactly to match your hair. 194195691 Instant Dreadlocks by Bee done within one day Dread Extensions being installed in chair with human hair highest quality in the market to match your hair and create the dreads you want today. 194195692 194195696 194195697 194195698 194195701 Another Satisfied client who is officially a dready Dread installation completed. Another happy client. 194195702 194195703 194195704 194195705 194195706 194195707 194195708 194195709 194195710 194195711 194195712 194195713 194195714 194195715 194195716 194195717 Dread Extensions on Caucasian Hair 194195718