Correct Bad Dread Locks Correct Bad Dread Locks Bee doing what she does, fixing these locks Bee had to seperate locks that was matted together to start wrapping his natural hair. Bee discovered client had a lot of Hair loss due to fact that client had hair matted together and some with rubber bands to hold it together. This look so unprofessional. I was suprise when client told me he just got it done one week ago. This client since I have gave him instant locks comes to me once a month. He has been a happy dread ever since. Which you will see many of his photos throughout website. 170588586 These dreads after Bee took over maintaining them I wrapped her natural dreads that was very out of shape and not strong, I wrapped them from top to bottom, client comes in every once a month for maintainance. During Maint. I wash, retwist roots add more hair to roorts to have complete dread look. all hairs in place. 170588587 Before Bee touched it This client was going to a professional shop for 5 months, before he found me, This is what his so called locks look before I touch them with my amazing hands. 170588588