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Braids By Bee @ The Braiding Depot Inc.


Natural Dreads needs repairs 

Natural dreadlocks gone wrong client went to upscale salon for over a year and this is the type of locs he had.  He came to Bee for repairs on his Locs.  Bee did the InstantLoc Dread Extensions technique.

About 6 years ago my client here was going thru it, he wanted Dreadlocks all his life, and He went to 3-4 different salons in Florida to attempt to start his Loc Journey.  He was not successful, This is the condition of his hair when he came to me, If you look close up this is 6 months of locs, tied together with clear plastic bands and was no where close to Locking up.  He went to one of the Best salons in Fl who you will see his video on youtube telling my other clients how much he love my work and he would not go to anyone else for his dreadlocks Needs. 

Repairs for Balding Areas done 

Instantloc technique used to create dreads to fill in balding area of natural headed dready.

Instantloc Dread Extensions Bridge to resolve bald area. 

Dread Repairs

Client happy after repaired with Braids by Bee technique of InstantLoc Dread Extensions technique.

His hair was complicated to match up his color hair, being that he is partially blond, and really grey and he loves his hair color but he actually has 5 different color strands of hair.  I cut a lock of his hair to match the exact hair color.  He came in 3 days later to get his locs done the right way.  The best way for his hair was to wrap it with human hair to create instant locs aka Dread Extensions by Bee. This was after 2 years of growth.  

Dreadlock Repairs are different for everyone. 

InstantLoc Dread Extensions technique used to repair unruly dreadlocks.

After years of maintaining it as individual locs, he wanted them to be a little fatter.  So we took two dreads and join them to make one and to give him the exact look he always wanted.  My client is the happiest and have made me the happiest person to have done it for him.  His Dreads he doesn't like them too neat, he loves when his new growth comes in and he has a few loose hair around scalp which doesn't show his scalp.  So because of this he comes in less then he should however still needs to come in at one point to loc up new growth that comes in.  

Instantloc Dread Extensions added to very short hair 

Bee show her own work at Braids by Bee on Dreadlock repaired by Bee
InstantLocs started on very short hair.  Client didn't want to wait was from out of town and wanted my Instantlocs Instantly.

Satisfied client with my type of Dread Repairs done by Bee aka BraidsbyBee 

Bee client after 4 years of doing the repairs on his natural dreadlocks with Bee InstantLoc Dread Extensions Techniques.

Today he wears his natural dreadlocks that is over 5 years old now.  They have grown healthy and he comes and see me once every 6 months.  He loves to style them and look different.  Which for me its the best thing a stylist can have is someone who wants to be different.  We can work well together. I love trying new things and making ones dreams come true. 

Instantlocs Dread Extensions done on very short hair.
dreads by bee done at The Braiding Depot inc.

Braids by Bee is known as Dreads by Bee to many who has received dread repairs for natural locs.  Natural Locs also thins out due to medication, or natural issues, or diet or many other reasons to why your hair may fall out.  Many times it takes a long time to get this growth back.  To help we can repair and replace Locs in areas that are more needed in order to wear your hair versatile.  Bee offers private consultations for natural Loc Repairs due to fact everyone is different.  We all have different issues.  

Repairing Bald areas for those who have been growing there natural dreadlocks for over 20 years, yes there is still a chance I can help.  As  you can see on picture below client here flew in from Ny and needed to have some of her dreads rearranged.  What BraidsbyBee means by rearranging is.  She had many multiple dreads hanging on one Loc on the bottom.  Bee took some of her natural locs and reposition them to areas that was more needed such as the top.  Most of these dreads was at one point in the front however during years of maintenance it slid to the back which is why so many in back are twins or triplet dreadlocks.  This is what normally happens when your locs are so thin at roots that it is migrated to the next healthier dreadlock closest to it.  This makes it heavy for one dread to hold so many heavy locs so eventually those thin out at roots and fall off.  Bee has solutions for all types of different situations.  

Instantloc Dread Extensions bridge added to create fullness in middle of client crown of natural dreadlocks.
Braids by Bee known as Dreads By Bee

When Natural Dreadlocks are started off thin and you have what they call Sisterlocs Or Brotherlocs.  The best way to keep them healthy and keep growing and showing your true length is by doing my technique of reinforcing your roots every quarter.  What Bee means by reinforcing roots.  Bee takes strands of human hair and wrap around your new growth hair allowing your loose hairs to be entwined with your natural new growth hair.  This type of maintenance last for up to 4 months.  Allowing your roots to Naturally Loc Up neatly and stay separated.  

Natural Dreadlocks are reattached to her natural hair, this client used her Brother In Laws dreadlocks that he cut off.  BraidsbyBee takes the hair from you to wash and color back it natural color.  Then she books an appointment after deposit paid to reinstall the Locs to your natural hair using InstantLoc Dread Extensions Technique with her Natural Locs she bought in.  She had a total of 89 dreads a full head of dreadlocks was added to her hair she was another happy client.  

Instantloc Dread Extensions done on Hispanic hair texture to start Locs Naturally and Neatly bee chooses the InstantLoc technique
Natural dreadlocks reattached to her natural permed hair to start her natural journey .
InstantLocs done on very short hair, customer came back to add in a few that fell out, as you can see he has a scalp issue that causes itching which may have cause dreadlock to fall out.  Client started on short hair so this is to be expected.