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Best Loctician to start Dreads

We only sell hair for the day of your installation of your locks, hair is purchased by us and only used by us we don't resell hair for other use.  Hair is paid for in cash form of payment because it is non-refundable.  Deposit for hair is for purchase of hair for installation of your dreads on the day of your appointment we will have hair available for your new dreads.   TO PURCHASE HAIR THAT YOU WANT DELIVERED PLEASE ORDER ON WWW.BEEHAIRUNITS.COM 

Hair color is matched on day of consultation and client confirms the color that we suggest. 
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Instant Dreads by Bee aka Dread Extensions fastest way to go about growing your dreads naturally with no ugly stages.

At the Braiding Depot Inc. we cater to giving you the look you are looking for.  If we can't help you.  We will tell you.  However have not come across any dread situations what so ever and not have been able to fix.  Locks today we have many different methods.  If you have a balding spot we can fix it and add more dreads in an area by using other techniques that you have not explored.  We love to do a consultation for you today, let us see your problems, whatever it is, if we don't have any suggestions we will tell you, but that is rare. We at Braids by Bee @ The Braiding Depot Inc. Cater to growing your hair and having you leave the way you want it to look.  All of these photos are taken by us by everyday loyal clients that trust us to handle there hair in the best that we can.  And we give you the best, gauranteed express service and make you a loyal client for life.  

 Braids by Bee At The Braiding Depot Inc. work by appointments.  We also schedule consultations before your installation of dreads or to grow your dreads naturally.  

We want you to understand the difference in Dread lock extensions and growing your Dreads Naturally.  

Many have chose the options to do instant due to not going thru the ugly stages of growing starting dreads.  Well Yes there is a ugly stage if you decide to go natural.  However I want you to understand doing lock extensions is also doing it Natural we use no chemicals at all.  It is just a method to keep your hair wrapped together in one until it locks.  

I do many different methods is growing dreads, I do single twist, double twist, backcombing, interlocking however all of those methods requires you to come in every 2 weeks before hair locks up permanently.  My instant lock method created is to not go thru those stages and not having to do so many visits before you have your locks.  Instant locks is simple, its hair wrapped around your hair to create instant locks.  When your roots grow out you continue to palm roll twist them to continue the growth of your locks.  

Best Loctician to Start Dreads for any texture hair is proven and been doing this technique for over 20 years. 

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