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Bee PREFERS TEXTING due to fact I can have 5-6 conversations at the same time.  Please don't hesitate to Text any questions and I will reply.  Sometimes If I am working I can't give you the customer service you want.  Text I can get to and you will be heard.  

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8789 NW 50th Street 

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33351

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  • "Jesse F. says: This place is perfect. From the moment you call to the end of the service. This salon offers free consultation and booking service is so easy which is very rare i..."
    I Wanted Dreads All My Life!!!
  • "I tried many many times before to start my locks and spent so much money to get them started. I had no luck till I found Braids By Bee Shop. Not only did she do a free consult..."
    Dreads on my complicated hair
InstantLoc™ Sisterloc Extensions no more ugly stages with our technique.  Client here didn't have to cut off her permed hair to o natural and she didn't have to go thru ugly stages.

Sisterloc Extensions

Sisterloc Extensions can be done with any texture hair.  No longer have to cut off perm hair and start over.  Bee will let you keep your length and start your dreads instantly with the lock extension technique.  Any size or any length we can give you, just ask.

InstantLocs™ Bridge Dread Extensions with human hair sometimes with your own repositioning your locs where mostly needed.

Cover Balding Areas

We have special techniques for any issues of fallen out hair, balding, or need filling in areas. We create a Bridge in that area that allows us to give you more dreads in that area to give it the body and fullness you are looking for. Check out our photos and reviews on our FB page for Dreads.
Two dreads join together to make thicker dreadlocks

We Match any Hair Color

Dreads can be complicated if you have unruley hair, or too straight hair, or a color that is rare.  Don't worry we find the solutions you need for every client.  Each client is different and we give you options for all issues.  If you want them big no problem any size you tell us we will accomplish that look.

We are located in Fort Lauderdale Fl, close to Sunrise, and Lauderhill location.

Braids by Bee

 @ The Braiding Depot Inc. 

8789 NW 50th Street 

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33351 

954-323-2339 shop phone 

954-297-5466 bus. Cell

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We have several ways for you to contact us, all social links are linked to our email that alerts us when you post a comment, make an appointment or simply email us or text us your request.   Above you will find Braids by Bee At the Braiding Depot button to take you directly to our other site, the first and main one that put us on the map if interested in more than dreads you can go to this site.  We have created an appointment tab for you to book online, we have our social media tabs below that you can click on and press like or subscribe to our youtube videos.  Keep up to date with Braids by Bee @ The Braiding Depot Inc. styles and latest trends set by everyday people and high profile clients. We love what we do, and we can't wait to service your hair anytime your ready. Booking an appointment with Braids by Bee is simple just use any of the options above. 

Dread repairs done for natural locs many solutions given at Braids by Bee aka Dreads by Bee
Natural Loc Journey started with our Instantlocs™ Dread Extension technique.  Wrapping his own hair with human hair to create instantlocs™
Dread Extensions also known as InstantLocs™  done on white person hair texture.

Natural Hair options start SisterLocs with DreadsByBee 

Sisterloc Dread Extensions done instantly in one day with our technique known as InstantLocs™
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Natural Hair Services at BraidsByBee is unlimited with the types of services offered.  Everything is Possible at Braids by Bee.  BraidsbyBee believes in growth and cares for all the hair she caters to.  Sometimes all your hair needs is some TLC by the right Gifted Hands.